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Wage and hour violations can be as frustrating and upsetting for employees as they may be financially costly. While some employers may commit wage and hour violations because they are unfamiliar with the law, others may do so to try to maximize their own profits.

Regardless of why wage and hour violations occur, the fact is that they are illegal and that employees have legal options for fighting back when they’ve been the target of these violations.

At Moon and Yang, our Los Angeles employment lawyers are dedicated to protecting employees’ rights and helping them obtain justice after employers commit wage and hour violations. As fierce advocates and experienced litigators, our attorneys are ready to help you:

• Identify your best options for holding an employer accountable for their wage and hour violations
• Pursue all available legal remedies to maximize your financial recovery.

How Employers Commit Wage & Hour Violations

These violations can manifest in a number of ways, only some of which include employers’:

• Wage violations such as:
o Failing to pay minimum wage, wages specified in an employment contract, or prevailing wage – Currently, the minimum wage throughout California is $10/hour,1 with some counties (including Los Angeles County) having approved higher minimum wages that are set to increase annually (until hitting $15/hour in 2020).

o Failing to pay commissions or taking illegal deductions from employees’ gratuities – These are two examples of wage theft, which can also involve misclassifying employees as contractors or forcing employees to work off the clock.

o Failing to reimburse for work-related expenses – Employers are obligated to reimburse employees for any expense reasonably necessary for workers to perform their jobs.

o Failing to pay overtime – California law2 requires employers to pay overtime pay (i.e, pay that is 1.5 times an employee’s standard hourly rate) for any hours worked over 8 hours in a given day or 40 hours in a given week. Failures to pay overtime can apply to salaried, as well as hourly, employees.

o Failing to pay double time – Double time pay is required for any time worked beyond 12 hours in a given day, as well as for all time worked on the eighth day (following seven consecutive days of work).

• Hour violations such as:
o Not providing employees with meal or rest breaks
o Forcing employees to work through their meal or rest breaks
o Failing to provide nursing mothers with breaks to express breast milk.

Wage and Hour Violations: More Important Information for California Workers

• Retaliating against employees who report wage and hour violations is illegal. Examples of this type of retaliation can include demoting, laying off or firing those who have filed complaints about these violations.
• California law provides two to four years for employees to file claims regarding wage and hour violations (depending on the specific nature of the claim).3 Failing to meet these filing deadlines can limit – if not preclude – the options for recovery.

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If you have been the target of an employer’s wage and hour violations, you can turn to a Los Angeles employment lawyer at the Moon and Yang for aggressive, effective legal advocacy in your pursuit of justice.

At Moon and Yang, our lawyers have a strong commitment to our clients and bring substantial experience, knowledge and resources to simple and complex cases alike. Known for our diligence, tenacity and record of success, our attorneys are ready to provide you with unparalleled legal services while working tirelessly to advance your interests and bring your case to the best possible resolution.

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1: More on California minimum wage laws
2: In-depth information regarding California overtime laws