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A former employee of Xtetic World Inc., a North Hollywood cosmetic retailer, has recently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the company, alleging that she was illegally  dismissed from her job two days after she told her employer that she was pregnant. She is also alleging that her supervisor asked her to consider getting an abortion.

Plaintiff Sues for Unspecified Damages, Multiple Reasons

Woman claims wrongful termination over pregnancy

Woman claims wrongful termination over pregnancy

According to court documents associated with this case,the plaintiff, a 25-year-old Lancaster woman, is seeking an undisclosed amount of damages for the alleged wrongful termination.

In addition to suing for the alleged illegal dismissal, the plaintiff is also suing for:

  • Pregnancy discrimination, including failure to provide pregnancy disability leave
  • Retaliation
  • Failure to prevent discrimination
  • Harassment.

A Closer Look at the Allegations 

The complaint provides the following details about the timeline of events related to the alleged wrongful termination, pregnancy discrimination and harassment:

  1. In March 2015, the plaintiff started working at Xtetic World as a social media coordinator.
  2. The following month, the plaintiff discovered that she was pregnant. Happy about the news, she wanted to inform her new employer of her pregnancy so that plans could be made for her scheduled maternity leave.
  3. The plaintiff alleges that, when she informed her supervisor about the pregnancy (on April 14, 2015), the supervisor reportedly replied, “We need somebody who is committed to being here full-time. Have you thought about getting an abortion?”
  4. The plaintiff claims that she was shocked and sickened by the statement and that she responded to her supervisor with, “No, I plan on keeping my baby. What you said was not right.”
  5. Two days later, the plaintiff was let go from her job. At that time, she was reportedly not given any explanation for the firing, nor was told that she had done anything wrong. She also claims that, during the course of her employment, she had never been formally disciplined or written up for any misconduct.
  6. Consequently, court documents explain that timing of the plaintiff’s dismissal is “clearly no coincidence,” as she was fired immediately after informing her supervisor of her pregnancy.

Xtetic World Inc. has not issued any formal statements about these allegations. It remains to be seen whether the company will take this matter to court or attempt to resolve it sooner via an out-of-court settlement.

As additional updates about the progress of this case become available, we’ll bring you the latest news here, in a future blog. Until then, we invite you to share your comments and opinions about this case with us on Facebook & Google+.

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1: Filed with Los Angeles Superior Court in March 2016

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