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Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Lawyers

Wrongful terminations can be financially, professionally and emotionally costly. When employers wrongly terminate workers and violate their rights, the Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys at Moon and Yang, APC will be ready to help workers fight back, pursue justice and secure the recoveries they deserve.

The trusted Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys at Moon & Yang are dedicated to helping people obtain compensation and justice when they’ve been wrongfully fired from work.

The trusted Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys at Moon & Yang are dedicated to helping people obtain compensation and justice when they’ve been wrongfully fired from work.

When Dismissals Constitute Wrongful Terminations

California’s Labor Code specifies that employers in the state can fire employees for any cause at all – or for no reason whatsoever. This makes California an “at-will” employment state.1

Despite this “at-will” employment relationship, however, there are certain instances when firing an employee is illegal. In fact, any dismissal that violates California or federal laws can constitute a wrongful termination.

When wrongful terminations occur, employees can sue their former employers, holding them accountable for breaking the law and violating their rights.

Wrongful Termination Examples: When Being Fired Violates Workers’ Rights

Dismissals, layoffs and firings will typically be illegal and constitute wrongful terminations when they involve an employer’s:

• Discriminatory practices – It is against the law for employers to fire employees based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, color, gender, religion, age, disability and/or state of pregnancy.

• Bad faith practices – Dismissals resulting from an employer’s bad faith actions can occur when an employer fires a worker in an attempt to prevent him or her from collecting certain bonuses, to replace a worker with others who will do the job for less, etc.

• Violations of public policy – Examples of these wrongful terminations can include firing workers for taking time off to complete civic duties (like voting or serving in the military) or for becoming whistleblowers.

• Breach of written or implied promises – When employers have made specific promises to employees in employment contracts or via verbal agreements, firing an employee before the term of the contract or agreement – or for a reason not specified in the written or verbal agreement – can constitute a wrongful termination. Additionally, if employees are fired for addressing breaches of contracts or pursuing legal actions after these breaches have occurred, these firings will also usually be wrongful terminations.

• Fraud – If employees are fired for reporting an employer’s fraudulent actions – or for participating in fraud investigations or refusing to engage in the employer’s fraudulent actions, these dismissals will also generally constitute wrongful terminations.

At Moon & Yang, our trusted Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys have extensive experience upholding workers’ rights and helping them seek justice after they have been wrongly terminated. Contact us today to find out your best options for recovery if you believe you have been wrongfully terminated from a job.

Wrongful Terminations: More Important Information for California Employees

While there may be a lot more to know about wrongful termination cases and your rights as a California worker, here’s a snapshot of some more important information to understand about these cases:

• Burden of proof & potential evidence – Employees are responsible for proving when wrongful terminations have occurred. Given that the burden of proof in these cases rests on employees’ shoulders, collecting any documents or evidence, such as the following, can be extremely helpful in these cases:
o Copies of past performance reviews
o Company emails or memos
o Employee handbooks
o Records and files kept by human resources.

• Filing deadlines – The nature and details of a wrongful termination case will impact how soon that case has to be filed (i.e., the specific statute of limitations for that case). In general, however, California law2 provides 300 days from the date of termination for wrongful termination cases to be filed.

• Positioning a case for success – Wrongful termination cases can be complicated, especially when employees are going up against bigger or established companies with seasoned corporate lawyers ready to defend them. In order to make sure that your rights and interests are protected in these cases – and that your case is positioned for a favorable outcome, it’s crucial to retain the representation of an experienced lawyer.

Let’s Discuss Your Options for Justice: Contact a Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Lawyer at Moon and Yang, APC

If you have been illegally laid off or fired by an employer, you can turn to a Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer at the Moon and Yang for aggressive, effective legal advocacy in your pursuit of justice. At Moon and Yang, our experienced trial lawyers are strongly committed to:

• Protecting our clients’ rights
• Helping them achieve their short- and long-term goals
• Providing them with realistic expectations at every phase of their case
• Helping them successfully pursue all available legal remedies.

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1: California Labor Code explaining at-will employment
2: According to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA)