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Employer’s unequal treatment of job applicants or employees due to their personal features or characteristics can constitute workplace discrimination. Although California and federal laws prohibit employers from discriminating against prospective and current employees, workplace discrimination still occurs all too often. When it does, the impacts can be as professionally and emotionally damaging as they may be financially costly.

At Moon and Yang, our Los Angeles employment attorneys are dedicated to fighting workplace discrimination. Diligent and tenacious, our lawyers can help you protect your rights and hold an employer accountable for subjecting you to any type of workplace discrimination.

Our goal is to help our clients pursue all available legal remedies so they can maximize their recoveries and secure the justice – and compensation – they deserve.

Workplace Discrimination: A Look at the Different Forms

The following reveals more about the various types of workplace discrimination that are against the law – as well as the types of cases our Los Angeles employment lawyers are experienced and skilled at resolving:

Age Discrimination

Employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees who are 40 and older. Workplace age discrimination can come in various forms, including (but not limited to) demoting, firing or overlooking an employee for a promotion due to his or her age.

Disability Discrimination

It is also illegal for employers to discriminate against an employee due to his or her physical disabilities or mental impairments. Disability discrimination in the workplace can specifically involve (but is not exclusive to) employers:

• Refusing to hire a qualified job applicant because of his or her disability
• Laying off, demoting or firing an employee because of his or her disability
• Failing to provide reasonable accommodations to assist a disabled employee in performing his or her job.

Gender Discrimination

A job applicant’s or employee’s gender is another personal characteristic that is protected under anti-discrimination laws. This means that it’s illegal for employers to treat workers of a certain gender (including transgender) unequally or unfairly because of their gender.

Medical leave (FMLA) Discrimination

The FMLA1 provides employees with the right to take unpaid leave for certain health and family-related reasons. During the FMLA leave, employees’ also have the right to continued health care (the same as if the employee had not taken the leave) and to job protection.

If employers refuse to grant FMLA leave – or if they fire, demote, lay off or retaliate against employees for taking FMLA leave, they will have violated employees’ rights. In these situations, employees will likely have grounds to sue for discrimination.

Pregnancy Discrimination

Employers are prohibited from firing or demoting women who become pregnant. It is also illegal for them to:

• Fail to hire an able, qualified job applicant because of her state of pregnancy
• Deny pregnant workers health care benefits that are available to non-pregnant employees
• Harass pregnant women and/or subject them to adverse or hostile working conditions to try to force them into resigning.

Race or Ethnicity Discrimination

Discriminating against prospective or current employees because of their skin color, ethnic group or country of origin is also against the law. Race and ethnicity discrimination can manifest in various ways, including (but by no means limited to) employers:

• Paying employees less or not offering them benefits due to their race or ethnicity
• Having policies that negatively target employees of specific races or ethnicities
• Assigning employees of a certain race or ethnic background to different (or specific) job duties because of their race or ethnicity.

Religion Discrimination

Employers are also prohibited from unfairly or negatively treating employees on the basis of their religion (including a lack of belief – i.e., Atheism). Religious discrimination in the workplace can take direct and indirect forms, such as (but not exclusive to) employers:

• Overlooking an employee for a promotion because of his or her religion
• Demoting, laying off or firing an employee because of his or her religion
• Having policies that prohibit employees of certain religions from wearing certain types of clothing or accessories.

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If you have been the target of any type of workplace discrimination, it’s time to contact a Los Angeles employment lawyer at the Moon and Yang. Committed to providing aggressive, effective representation, our lawyers are fierce advocates and experienced trial attorneys who bring substantial knowledge and resources to simple and complex legal matters alike.

Our unparalleled representation, as well as our personal service and strong commitment to our clients, empowers us to position workplace discrimination cases for successful outcomes. Additionally, throughout the legal process, we strive to provide maximum value while respecting the value of our clients’ time and money.

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1: Complete text of the FMLA