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When employers breach employment contracts or commit fraud against employees, the impacts – such as wage theft and wrongful termination – can be damaging on a professional and/or financial level. Employees who are the targets of these actions, however, have legal recourse for fighting back and holding the employer accountable.

At Moon and Yang, our Los Angeles employment attorneys are ready to help you take the right actions to secure compensation and justice for the damages caused by employer fraud and breach of contracts. As experienced litigators and tenacious advocates, our lawyers will help you pursue all available legal remedies so you can maximize your recovery and bring your case to the best possible resolution.

Breaches of Employment Contracts

Failing to honor any of the provisions of valid employment contracts can constitute a breach of contract. Some of the ways that employers may breach employment contracts include by failing to observe contract terms pertaining to:

• The agreed-upon job duties and/or work schedule
• Compensation, including salaries, bonuses and/or commissions
• Benefits, such as health care coverage and/or retirement benefits
• Disability accommodations
• Vacation time and/or sick leave
• The duration of employment.

Employer Fraud

Some common ways in which employers can commit fraud that impacts an employee include by intentionally:

• Misstating or mischaracterizing the job duties
• Making false promises related to compensation, benefits, bonuses and/or promotions to try to compel an employee to accept a job (and/or leave a current position, relocate for the new job, etc.)
• Misrepresenting the term of employment or the availability of work
• Misreporting or underreporting an employee’s income to limit workers’ compensation and/or unemployment benefits.

Retaliating against employees for reporting fraud – or refusing to participate in it – is also illegal. For example, if an employer fires or demotes an employee who has reported fraud (or who has refused to engage it in), that employee will generally have grounds to sue the employer.

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If your employer has breached your employment or committed some type of fraud, it’s time to contact a Los Angeles employment lawyer at the Moon and Yang.

Known for providing unparalleled legal service, our attorneys are committed to helping each of our clients achieve their short- and long-term goals while:

• Protecting their rights and advancing their interests
• Providing them with realistic assessments of what to expect at every phase of their case
• Working tenaciously to bring their case to the best possible resolution.

Experienced and diligent, our lawyers have extensive trial experience, and they bring substantial legal knowledge and resources to simple and complex legal matters alike.

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