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Officials at the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) are focused on fighting wage theft, and they recently hosted an event to expand these efforts and reach out to workers’ advocacy groups, as well as industry groups.

This fight against wage theft was formally focused as the “Wage Theft is a Crime” campaign in 2014. As the DIR and others continue to support this campaign and fight wage theft, they remain determined to educate workers and employers in California about:

  • What wage theft is and how to identify it
  • Workers’ rights and employers’ responsibilities related to wage and hour issues
  • How to report wage theft (and other labor law violations).

Background: What is Wage Theft?

The DIR has recently expanded its ‘Wage Theft is a Crime’ campaign to reach out to more workers, an experienced Los Angeles employment lawyer explains.

The DIR has recently expanded its ‘Wage Theft is a Crime’ campaign to reach out to more workers, an experienced Los Angeles employment lawyer explains.

Wage theft refers to employers’ failure to pay workers the wages to which they are legally entitled. In practice, wage theft can occur in various ways, including (but not necessarily limited to) when employers:

  • Pay workers less than minimum wage
  • Fail to pay workers overtime wages
  • Do not allow workers to take meal and rest breaks
  • Take tips from workers
  • Force workers to work “off of the clock.”

Here, it’s also important to point out that:

  • California labor laws protect all workers – regardless of their immigration status and regardless of whether they are paid “under the table.”
  • When employers violate labor laws and commit wage theft, impacted workers can file claims against their employers.
  • Workers will not be questioned about their immigration status when filing wage theft claims.

Support for Anti-Wage Theft Campaign

Commenting on the importance of this anti-wage theft campaign, DIR Director Christine Baker has stated:

Our department’s mission is to protect California’s workers with comprehensive labor laws and enforcement focused on businesses that intentionally skirt the law… A critical part of that mission is the outreach and education to the public we serve.

Speaking to the importance and success of this campaign, Labor Commissioner Julie A. Su has stated:

We’ve taken significant steps to increase access to the Labor Commissioner’s Office and the resources available to fight wage theft… This award-winning campaign is one of the ways that we continue to remove barriers and push back on the unfair practices of the underground economy.

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