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The California Bar Association has recently been named the defendant in a $15 million lawsuit alleging wrongful termination. While the plaintiff is reportedly seeking $10 million in damages for the alleged wrongful termination, she is also requesting $5 million in punitive damages, as she claims that the State Bar was aware of its misconduct and refused to take corrective action.

A Closer Look at the Allegations 

California State Bar Sued for $15 Million over Alleged Wrongful Termination

California State Bar Sued for $15 Million over Alleged Wrongful Termination

According to documents related to this case, the plaintiff worked as an administrative assistant at the California State Bar Association offices. When she reportedly decided to blow the whistle on the State Bar for alleged ethical violations, as well as alleged deceit, deception, and incompetence, she claims that the Bar retaliated against her by wrongly terminating her.

As the complaint details, the plaintiff is specifically alleging that:

  1. She denied a questionable reimbursement request (for nearly $30,000) made by a board member. That denied claim, however, was payed out by State Bar funds.
  2. The State Bar mismanaged money on several occasions. In one instance, the director reportedly took a trip to San Francisco for a three-hour hearing; however, he stayed in the city for four nights at the extravagant Palace Hotel. The Bar agreed to pay for the entire stay.
  3. Several qualified employees have been terminated from the Bar, and none of them had reportedly committed any misconduct or ethical violation during the course of their employment. “They were terminated since they were thought to be friends of the prior leader of the bar,” the plaintiff has explained.
  4. In an attempt to hide a massive backlog of cases, the former chief prosecutor moved a number of discipline cases to the deferred list. Later, those cases were transferred back onto the active status list.
  5. The State Bar ignored hundreds of complaints of fraud filed by Mexican workers, who alleged that they had been defrauded of money through an American citizenship scam.

The Bar’s Response to the Allegations of Wrongful Termination

The California State Bar has responded to the plaintiff’s claims, denying all of the allegations. Leaders at the Bar have explained that they intend to mount a vigorous defense to the allegations.

It remains to be seen how this case will be resolved – and whether it will make it to trial. As more news about the progress and outcome of this case become available, we’ll report the latest news to you here, in a future blog. Until them, share your opinions about this case and the allegations against the California Bar Association with us on Facebook & Google+.

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