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In a recent two-day enforcement campaign, the California Labor Commissioner’s Office (LCO) discovered that a number of car wash businesses had been violating California wage and hour laws, resulting in these business, which span LA county, being ordered to pay more than $1.3 million in fines and penalties.

According to the announcement issued by the LCO, the violations in question:

  • Multiple car wash business in LA have been cited for violating wage and hour laws, with citations totaling $1.3 million, a Los Angeles employment attorney explains.

    Multiple car wash business in LA have been cited for violating wage and hour laws, with citations totaling $1.3 million, a Los Angeles employment attorney explains.

    Impacted close to 400 workers

  • Included employers failing to pay workers minimum wage and overtime, which resulted in $412,000 in penalties and upwards of $308,500 in additional damages
  • Also involved some of the car washes failing to carry workers’ compensation insurance, which led to a total of $218,000 in fines.

Noting the importance of these enforcement activities, Christine Baker, Director of the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), which oversees the Labor Commissioner’s Office, has stated:

These citations serve as a reminder that wage theft will not be tolerated. The Labor Commissioner’s office targets its enforcement efforts on employers who intentionally skirt the law.

Expressing similar sentiments, Labor Commissioner Julie A. Su explained that:

When car wash businesses fail to register, it is often an indicator of wage theft. We are also following up with some of the inspected car washes to conduct full wage audits… We want to make sure car wash workers are paid what they are owed and that employers who follow the law know we are on their side.

How to Request an Investigation into Your Employer

In many cases, investigations like this one are often initiated because workers themselves report wage theft and bring their employers’ violations of California labor laws to the attention of the DIR.

If you are a worker who would like to request a DIR/LCO investigation of your workplace for possible wage and hour violations, you can call the California Workers’ Information Line at (866) 924-9757 to make such a result.

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