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Although aging can come with a number of benefits, in the realm of employment, it can also open people up to age discrimination, a harmful and illegal practice that is far more prevalent than you may realize.

In fact, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), age discrimination in the U.S. is not only a significant problem (with the Commission receiving at least 23,000 complaints related to age discrimination in 2013 alone), it’s on the rise. In fact, the EEOC reports that age discrimination complaints have surged about 20 percent since 2009.

Taking a closer look at this issue, below, we will discuss the facts behind some common myths associated with age discrimination. If you or a loved one has been a target of workplace age discrimination, contact the Moon and Yang Professional Corporation to find out more about your rights and best options for protecting them.

Don’t Believe these Misconceptions about Older Workers

Myth 1 – It costs more to hire older workers.

Don’t believe the myths about age discrimination. Get the facts about older workers here, from an experienced Los Angeles discrimination lawyer.

Don’t believe the myths about age discrimination. Get the facts about older workers here, from an experienced Los Angeles discrimination lawyer.

Fact – While it may, in fact, initially cost a bit more to hire more experienced, mature workers, the vast majority of employers report seeing a significant return on their investment, as the initial hiring costs are offset by job performance, high quality work and other factors.

Additionally, research has indicated that, in the long run, hiring older workers who are experienced and qualified can end up costing employers less than hiring workers between the ages of 20 and 24, as older workers are, on average, about five times less likely to change jobs (lowering overall recruitment, hiring and training costs).

Myth 2 – Older workers miss more days of work than younger workers.

Fact – This is just plain wrong. In fact, studies have shown that more mature workers are among those who are the least likely to take time off of work to care for someone else or to recover from an illness.

Similarly, research has indicated that older workers as a group tend to sustain less workplace injuries (another reason for which time is taken off of work), likely due to their job-related experience.

Myth 3 – Older workers have more issues adapting to new technologies.

Fact – Wrong again! While new technology can be intimidating to anyone, older workers are among the fastest growing users of technology.

What’s more is that this argument tends to forget the fact that training employees of any age on how to use new technology should be a fundamental part of a supportive, productive workplace. In other words, making broad assumptions about workers’ abilities to learn and adapt to new technology should be irrelevant without specifics about the training an employer itself is providing to facilitate this learning for workers of any age.

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